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San Pedro Powder (220 g – 7.76 oz) – 100% Natural



The San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi), is also called Wachuma or Huachuma. This cactus is a native to the Andes of Peru, It grows at an altitude of about 2000-3000 metersΒ  and it is harvested responsibly. The Wachuma is a species of cactus, recognized as a sacred cactus for its medicinal and psychoactive properties, and it is used to treat nervous and joint conditions, heart disease, hypertension, addictions and also has antimicrobial properties. Other uses include cleansing the body by purging and also as an anti-inflammatory.

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♦ Content: Dried San Pedro Cactus in Powder

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Weight: 220 g – 7.76 oz

Healing with San Pedro Cactus (Huachuma or Wachuma) – ANDEAN WORLD PERU

San Pedro Cactus has a rich history of sacred shamanic use. It has been used to treat various ailments such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, fever, paralysis, problems with joints, high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, burning kidneys, and bladder to name a few. San Pedro is also a powerful antimicrobial that inhibits 18 or more penicillin-resistant bacteria. Why then have these plants not been integrated into western medicine? San Pedro at the very least deserves more attention from the scientific and psycho-medical communities.

But, in addition, the San Pedro cactus is a plant that can help to cleanse the body due to their properties in most cases it produces vomiting and diarrhea that allow the body to cleanse of all the toxins it accumulates. Of course, in that case the effects are unpleasant, however, many people have expressed feeling more relieved after going through this cleaning process.

Contraindications for this San Pedro Powder:

– Do not mix with other substances.

– The effects are unpredictable, so it is better to consume it in company of someone else.

– You should not take the car under the influence of San Pedro.

– Watch out! there are mystics who recommend taking it on a fast because it “purges the body and centers the soul”, but it is not very advisable, especially for a first shot. The effects are much stronger.

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Weight 7.76027 oz

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  1. Manuel Guerra (verified owner)

    Excellent natural product and service.

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