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Aguaje and Red Maca capsules (120 caps x 500 mg) Natural Balance Of Hormones



The aguaje is a natural reinforcement of the female hormone progestin, which also helps to lessen the symptoms of menopause. Likewise, maca stimulates the production of estrogens; Both contain the component phytoestrogens, which can be found in certain foods of plant origin.

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Weight:  120 caps x 500 mg

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Aguaje And Red Maca – Andean World


Traditional Use

Aguaje has many properties; This is used from the root to its leaves. It is customary to consume the fresh and freshly cut pulp of the tree. It is also prepared as a refreshing drink, as a natural flavoring for juices or to add an exotic touch to salads and traditional dishes. It is used to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and as a purifier.
RED MACA has been consumed for many years for its special properties, used as a hormonal regulator, energizer, revitalizer and producer of resistance, promoter of mental clarity and to improve chronic fatigue syndrome.

Main Benefits:


✔ Energizing Action:

Studies indicate that the consumption of this combination provides energy, stimulates the metabolism to lose fat and promotes the increase of muscle mass, being attractive for use by those who perform demanding physical activity, such as athletes, of great importance during contraction. skeletal muscle and recovery after physical effort.

✔ Antioxidant Action: The perfect combination of maca and aguaje help neutralize free radicals (causing conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) present in the blood, acting as oxygen scavengers and not showing toxic side effects.

✔ Maximize Performance:

Increases the resistance of the organism, maca has great metabolic properties, being able to increase testosterone naturally, and with the intake of vitamins by watering, it significantly increases ATP leading to improved performance.

✔ Osteoporosis Prevention:

Based on studies in rats and humans, they indicated that maca consumption prevents bone loss by presenting effects on osteoporosis similar to estradiol, and studies in the Central Andes show that maca users have lower fracture rates than those in the same area than do not consume maca.

✔ Hormonal Balance:

Its high content of phytoestrogen, alleviates the symptoms of menopause, also reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

✔ Figure Modeler:

The aguaje together with the maca can act as a shaper of the female figure due to the presence of sitosterol that can be a precursor of the female hormones of the steroid type (estrogen). Women with high estrogen levels are said to store too much fat in their hips. However, there are some women who produce less estrogen and more androgen and tend to store more fat in the upper body. This product is more for the second type of woman. Of course, always accompanied by physical activities.

✔ Keep Vision, Skin, Mucous And Bones In Good Condition:

Due to its content of beta-carotene, which is a precursor of vitamin A, it also helps the immune system to function properly due to the content of vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids that have great antioxidant and immune-promoting activity.

✔ Improves Brain Function:

Researchers have focused on the health implications to demonstrate its value in treating neurodegenerative, vascular, and muscle disorders and diseases. Energy metabolization and the production of reactive oxygen species appear to help many neurodegenerative disorders and improve the brain’s ability to survive the physical and metabolic trauma associated with these conditions.

Origin: Maca is native to the Andes and Aguaje is a fruit native to the Amazon.

Scientific name: Aguaje (Mauritia Flexuosa) and Red Maca (Lepidium Meyenii).

Composition: 100% Aguaje and red Maca in capsules.

Certifications: DIGESA Peruvian Ministry of Health

Usage: Consume 2 capsules during meals, 6 per day.

Contraindications: It is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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