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Ground Coffee (250g – 8.82 oz) – Medium Roast – 100% Arabica Organic Certified



The Medium roasted coffee brings out exceptional fruity notes and pleasant acidity that work well as Americano. The best cup of coffee always starts with the best Arabica coffee beans due to their unique aroma and flavor.


✔ Hand Crafted

✔ Worldwide Shipping

Weight: 250 g – 8.82 oz

A History Of Peruvian Coffee – Andean World


Peru was one of the first countries in South America to start growing coffee for domestic use. Around the mid-1700’s, the region already had its own plants. It is not yet known with certainty why Peru was first than Central America to produce coffee. However, there is evidence that locally produced grains were enjoyed during those years. Although production grew considerably during the 1700s and 1800s, not much was exported.


But, in the late 1800s, a plague in Indonesia and its neighboring countries decimated the coffee industry in Asia. This led many European buyers to seek other alternatives to meet the demand for coffee. It is there that Peru took on a leading role in the coffee world.


Nowadays, Peru is one of the leading coffee producers for fair trade and organic coffee. Also, thanks to its fertile soils and rainy climate in the valleys and mountains have some of the best coffee beans on the planet, where each cup is an unforgettable experience.

On top of its exceptional flavor and peerless aroma with mild acidity, drinking coffee give us some benefits:

✔ Help improve memory.

✔ Improve attention span.

✔ Slow aging and prevent diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

✔ Three to five cups per day also increases life expectancy.

How is this Biodynamic Coffee grow at Don Dago’s Farm?


20 minutes from the city of Villa Rica is the Chacra D’ Dago (it is is Pasco which located in the highlands of central Peru), also known as “the land of the finest coffee in the world”. It is a unique space in Peru where fruit trees, aromatic herbs, medicinal plants and farm animals, Don Dagoberto Marín produces coffee under the practices of biodynamic agriculture and the vital energies of nature.

Biodynamic agriculture takes a holistic view of the farm, treating it as an organism in which plants, animals and humans are integrated. This union creates a unique, strong and vital agroecosystem. Therefore, no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are needed, as the soil is sufficiently nourished with organic fertilizers to produce plants capable of fighting pests and diseases on their own. Some varieties of plants also serve to help others. For example, bananas nourish the soil with potassium, which is needed by coffee.


Peruvian coffee is usually dry processed

There is very little wet processing in the country. Generally, coffee is processed in a few simple steps. Even though this sounds simple, the work is mainly done by hand and with harmony with nature, which takes lots of time and dedication. First, the coffee cherries are collected, then the pulp is removed from the cherries to expose the beans, after that the beans are sun-dried, and the sun drying is where the dry process gets its name. It is ready to get light, medium, or dark roast coffee.

Content:  Arabica Ground Coffee – Medium Roast

Packaging: It comes with a sealing tape and degassing valve to maintain the quality of the coffee in its original packaging.

Certifications: DIGESA Peruvian Health Ministry and Organic Certified.

Caution: Keep the container tightly closed and store it in a cool, dry place protected from light.

Weight 8.81849 oz


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