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Aguaje & Red Maca Powder (300g - 10 oz) - The Perfect Ally For Women



The combination of Aguaje and Red Maca Powder has extraordinary result for women due to they help them to produce a natural balance of their hormones (estrogens and progesterone) that enhance surprisingly in the internal and external body.

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Weight: 300 g – 10 oz

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Natural Aguaje & Red Maca Powder –  ANDEAN WORLD  🇵🇪


The Amazonian Aguaje contains phytoestrogens, minerals and vitamins such as beta-carotene (vitamin A), tocopherols (Vitamin E) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), balance the hormones and increases fertility. On the other hand, the red Andean Maca was high appreciated by the Incas as a food and fertility medicine. Its medicinal value combats rickets, anemia, hormonal and menstrual disorders and goiters, and also it has the presence of four fertility-stimulating alkaloids. More information about aguaje.

The combinations of Aguaje and  Red Maca Powder has incredible result in women because maintain balance  our body promoting our integral health.


Content: gelatinized red Maca powder and Aguaje powder

Varieties of Benefits:

✔️ Balance hormones and increases fertility

✔️ Help to shape the figure in addition to improving the hair and skin.

✔️ Fight menopause

✔️ Fight osteoporosis, managing to repair bone tissues

✔️ Combat states of depression and anxiety


Certifications: DIGESA Peruvian health ministry

How to use: it is recommended to consume 10 g a day with the meal. Does not contain artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

Caution: Keep the container tightly closed and store it in a cool, dry place protected from light. Keep away from children.

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Weight 10.5822 oz


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