Gemmotherapy kit of essential oils and Energy Stones (4 mini-bottle)

Gemmotherapy kit from the Andean and Amazon, contains Eucalyptus, Rosewood, Peppermint, and Palo Santo of essential oils and energy stones. Gemmotherapy acts in an energetic and spiritual way, having as reference the power of gems and we must be aware of their action, it is merely complementary and alternative.

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 Weight:  4 mini-bottle of oil (5 ml each one)


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★Gemmotherapy kit of essential oils and Energy Stones – ANDEAN WORLD PERU 🇵🇪

Holistic use of the benefits of Aromatherapy and Gemmotherapy from our Andean Amazon harmony and energy kit.

  1. Eucalyptus essential oil with Crystal Quartz stone: PurificationEucalyptus essential oil is known for its ability to cleanse the sinuses and release pressure from the head. Helps eliminate toxins from the body and mind. Crystal quartz is added to send its powerful light and vibration to the oil. Recommended for use on the temples and other places on the body as desired.Crystal Quartz amplifies the energy or intention attached to it, the perfect combination for beginners.Eucalyptus oil 5 ml with quartz.Main Benefits:
    • ✅ Relieves pain and muscle tension and headache.
    • ✅ Cleanses the scalp, help remove dandruff.
    • ✅ It acts as a decongestant and expectorant and is used in cases of colds or respiratory disorders, cough, asthma, flu, and etc.
    • ✅ Provides freshness and tones the body.
    • ✅  Works at the mental level producing a relaxing sensation.
    • ✅ Antiseptic, wounds and stings.
    • ✅ It is used for light burns.
    • ✅  Stops mold growth at home.
    • ✅ Fights bad breath and cavities as a mouthwash.

          How to use:

– Place 1 to 2 drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water in the morning or evening.
– Place the eucalyptus oil in a handkerchief for better breathing.
– Place with the roll on the chest, back or affected area.


      2.  Peppermint essential oil with Aventurine stone: Energy

The refreshing nature of peppermint essential oil relieves states of anger and nervousness. It helps in emotional balance, mental fatigue and mood states. Aventurine stone with mint increases energy and vibrational capacity. Recommended for inhalation, apply under the nose, behind the neck or as desired.

Aventurine amplifies the security, inner harmony and protector of the heart chakra.

         Main Benefits:

    • ✅ Improves circulation by decreasing the appearance of varicose veins.
    • ✅ Acts as an expectorant and decongestant.
    • ✅ Relieves burns and inflammations.
    • ✅ Control fever and relieve headache.
    • ✅ Causes soothing or relaxing effect on the skin.
    • ✅ Calm anxiety, reduce digestive problems and vomiting.
    • ✅ Peppermint scent has been shown to improve memory.
    • ✅ Provides relief from indigestion and upset stomach.
    • ✅ Relieves sore muscles.
    • ✅ Beneficial effect on herpes simplex virus.
    • ✅ Helps improve hair and contributes to hair growth.
    • ✅ Prevents acne, cellulite and heals chapped lips, as a lip ointment.
    • ✅ Manages stress and treat nervous disorders.
    • ✅ Insect repellent relieving itching.

How to use:

– Place on the fingertips and apply it to the affected area.
– Place 1 to 2 drops of peppermint oil in hot water in the morning or evening.
– Apply peppermint oil to the wrists and solar plexus 2 to 3 times a day, especially 30 minutes before resting.


3. Palo Santo essential oil with tiger’s eye stone: Cleaning

Palo Santo essential oil is among the best native oils for its cleaning and protective properties. It has qualities that help calm and take root, which makes it a great ally to maintain emotional equanimity, as well as an excellent oil for spiritual elevation. The tiger’s eye stone is added to raise the vibration of the oil. Recommended to inhale and apply in the place you want.

The tiger’s eye helps improve moods; it is a protective stone.

Main Benefits:

✅ Helps fight the flu, asthma, allergies, migraine and bad mood.
✅ Allows better meditation and psychophysical relaxation.
✅ Helps to reduce anxiety or insomnia and stress states helping to fall asleep.
✅ For relaxing and refreshing baths.
✅ For contractures and muscle stiffness, joint and rheumatic pain.
✅ Combats insecurity, panic attacks and emotional pain.
✅ Improves mood and stimulates concentration.
✅ Acts as an insect repellent and fights bites.
✅ Calms sunburn.
✅ Gives shine and strength leaving a rich aroma to the hair.
✅ Respiratory problems colds flu sinusitis asthma.

How to use:

– Apply the oil of palo santo on the hands and skin with gentle massages.
– Apply the palo santo oil on the wrists and in the solar plexus with the roll on 2 to 3 times a day, especially 30 minutes before resting.
– It can also be applied on a handkerchief and left on the nightstand.

4. Rosewood essential oil with Amethyst stone: relaxation

Rosewood essential oil has a subtle, yet surprisingly sweet, woody and fruity aroma with a floral quality. A wonderfully aromatic oil that has an important place in holistic aromatherapy, as well as in natural perfumery. Spread it in your home to encourage deep contemplation of your spiritual self. It is also an excellent soothing oil that can help you deal with difficult issues. Due to its skin care properties, you can apply it wherever you want.

Amethyst is ideal for relieving pain from physical and emotional tension. Connect the physical, mental and emotional bodies connecting them with the spiritual.

Rosewood oil 5 ml with amethyst stone.

Main components are Linalol and Alpha Terpineol:

Main Benefits:

✅ Helps with skin care, wrinkles, stretch marks and sagging.
✅ Combats stress, anxiety and depression.
✅ Comforts, relaxes mental and emotional tensions.
✅ Brain stimulant, improves memory, creativity, self confidence.
✅ Healing, anti-inflammatory action.
✅ Helps prevent infections and respiratory problems like coughs, colds, fever.
✅ Regenerator of tissues for skin and hair giving it more shine.
✅ Mild pain reliever for headaches, joint and muscle pain.
✅ Powerful antibacterial and acts as a repellent.
✅ Aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant in women.
✅ Much appreciated in perfumery.

How to use:

– Place Rosewood oil on the hands and apply to the skin with gentle massages
– Apply Rosewood oil to the wrists and solar plexus 2 to 3 times a day, especially 30 minutes before resting.
– It can also be applied to the handkerchief and left on the nightstand.

Origin: Peruvian Oils.

Certifications: Serfor, export permission.

Contraindications: Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Warning: This product has no contraindications; In the literature we have found no reports of contraindications to the use of its components, or possible drug interactions. However, they are still clinical studies at different doses and at different times of treatment to affirm their safety, but their safe use is established by the traditional use of hundreds of years by the Amazonian tribes.

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