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Ayahuasca: Sacred Medicine

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant that, once again, demonstrates that communion with nature provides us with health and well-being. Its preparation and medicinal use is a central part of the ceremony also called Ayahuasca. When mixed with other herbs, such as Chacruna (Psychotria viridis), its medicinal, healing and spiritual effects are enhanced.

There is evidence of the origin and millenary use of this wonderful plant as part of the religious and medicinal traditions of the peoples of the Amazon basin (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil). Here, the wise men or shamans used it to connect with the spirit world, discover the secrets of the universe and practice divination.

Nowadays, this ceremony is still practiced as a means to achieve physical, mental and spiritual healing. In retreats lasting several days, thousands of people who have consumed this plant have been able to verify all its benefits. Discover what Ayahuasca has for you!


It is Like a Customized Trip

This experience is described differently by each person. Some of them will have visions with colorful geometric shapes such as mandalas. They will see the spirits of plants or animals and listen to the messages they have for them. Others will live terrifying, but fascinating out-of-body experiences with a rewarding return. In addition to a lot of laughter or crying. A very, very crazy trip! 

Ayahuasca Ceremony - trip

YouTuber Charlie Houpert shared his testimony, he said the Ayahuasca experience helped him connect with “his inner child” and heal from the major depression he had fallen into after a love breakup. “Now I can feel just happy for no apparent reason and it’s amazing!” shared Houpert on his Charisma on Command channel. 

Among celebrities who have also experimented with this plant is Zachary Quinto, American actor who plays Spock in the Star Trek saga, who tried Ayahuasca on a trip to Peru. “I consider Ayahuasca a medicine. If you go with an open mind, I think it can be very healing. I think it’s a medicine, I don’t think it’s a drug,” the actor mentioned. Others who have lined up to experience the goodness of Ayahuasca include Will Smith and Lindsay Lohan, who was looking to break free from her addiction problems and overcome the pain of a miscarriage she was facing.

What does Science say about Ayahuasca?

The most important components of the Ayahuasca preparation are its beta-carbonyl alkaloids and dimethyltryptamine or DMT. These substances activate the pineal gland of the brain. As a result, a large amount of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle, will be produced, favoring the mystical experience.


According to Dr. Jordi Riba of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona, ayahuasca hyperactivates our emotional memory, often uncovering forgotten experiences. This hyperactivation allows the conscious part of our brain to temporarily overcome those ingrained patterns allowing us to make new connections.

Furthermore, in recent studies, the Complutense University of Madrid, points out that the DMT component of this Amazonian tea promotes the creation of new neurons and other brain cells. This studies was proven by the report of the results of in vitro experiments on mice that showed a greater cognitive capacity when treated with this substance. It was also detailed that ayahuasca has a great therapeutic potential for a wide range of psychiatric and neurological disorders, including neurodegenerative diseases.

Currently, the city of Iquitos (Peru), is known as the center of ayahuasca tourism. Here, it is also used to rehabilitate people addicted to illegal and legal drugs such as antidepressant pills. 

Is Ayahuasca Legal?

The International Convention on Narcotic Drugs does not prohibit the use of ayahuasca as a product; but, because of its DMT content, it prohibits its use outside the Amazon.

In Peru, the performance of the ayahuasca ritual under the supervision of a shaman is completely legal. In addition, the Regional Government of San Martin has declared the ritual use of ayahuasca as intangible cultural heritage and it is considered one of the basic pillars of the identity of the Amazonian peoples. 

Is Ayahuasca Dangerous?

If the preparation and celebration of the ayahuasca ceremony is done diligently by a serious and experienced shaman, the whole process will be safe. It is true that there have been deaths related to a bad practice in the use of ayahuasca. For this reason it is necessary that, if you are interested in this healing experience, you should investigate well the healer or shaman who will be in charge.

 As part of its purifying effect, Ayahuasca also has purgative effects. So vomiting or diarrhea could occur, that is why you should look for a shaman with proven experience as he/she will be prepared to deal with any complications and you should make sure you are well instructed about the process before performing it. In addition, it is recommended that you attend accompanied by a group of friends.

It is important to note that Ayahuasca does not generate dependence or tolerance, and its effects are realized without losing consciousness.

The techniques of the Ayahuasca Ceremony

This sacred practice requires a lot of expertise in its realization. Here we summarize some Inca techniques that are usually practiced before the ceremony:

  • Drinking medicinal volcanic water to detoxify your immune system. You can do it the day before or the same day of the ceremony.
  • Coca leaf reading, this is a form of divination and will serve you for a new beginning.
  • Cleansing of negative energies, it will allow you to open the chakra points and free your spirit.
  • Celebration of the ayahuasca ceremony, central purifying and healing event.
  • Making an offering to the Pachamama or mother earth thanking her for the medicinal benefits we receive from her.
  • Finally, a flowering bath to be clean of bad vibrations and start with positive energies a new stage in your life.

The incredible benefits of the correct use of Ayahuasca are added to the effect and therapeutic contribution of the thousands of plants that the Peruvian Amazon provides us with. If you visit this beautiful country, do not forget that, as well as ayahuasca, a great variety of plants will be at your disposal to improve your health such as San Pedro Cactus, Maca, Aguaje, Huanarpo macho or “Peruvian viagra”, among many others.

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