Tokosh Powder

Natural medicine from the Andes

Are you looking for a way to improve your digestive system or strengthen your immune system? In tocosh you have a very healthy and naturaloption. Potato tocosh is an ancestral fermented food product that is still prepared in small communities in the central highlands of the Peruvian Andes. The word tocosh derives from the word togosh, which in Quechua means wrinkled and fermented. It is precisely its fermentation process, in a well in the ground near a water spring, the key to develop all its benefits.

Traditionally in Peruvian natural medicine, for its nutritional and therapeutic properties, this food product has been used in the post-partum period, during colds, to fight pneumonia, for wound healing, as an antibacterial and healing agent in conditions such as gastric ulcer. In addition, it could be an effective antibiotic, energizer and probiotic. 

How is Tokosh made?

Tokosh: potato processed and fermented naturally

 The tokosh is obtained from the potato processed and fermented naturally in the highlands of the Peruvian Andean. It is made  for curative and nutritional purposes, which consists of leaving the tuber in ponds protected by straw or mesh and covered by stones, they are made to reach a stream of water for a period of four months to two years. When a foam with a strong rotten smell rises from between the stones and the straw on the surface, it is ready and can begin to be harvested. It dries in the sun and is ready for consumption. Its origin dates back to pre-Inca times.

What does science say about Tocosh?

The tocosh can remain in fermentation for up to 12 months, in this process the potatoes undergo enzymatic browning. Thus, tocosh is the result of microbial fermentation, mainly by lactobacilli, bacteria of great importance for the digestive system. Many species of lactobacilli have been described as producers of vitamins or degraders of phytates and the great diversity of medicinal properties attributed to this product is highlighted. For this reason, tocosh is known as the “natural antibiotic of the Incas”. 

There are studies that confirm the medicinal power of this product; for example, according to the National University of Central Peru, tocosh contains alkaloids, amino acids, antimicrobials, steroids, free amino acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins and is very rich in antioxidants. Therefore, the presence of this content strengthens the immune system.

Another study conducted by the University of Trujillo in Peru, states that the phytochemicals in potato tocosh help prevent degenerative ailments such as atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, liver fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration and cancer.

Currently, studies are being conducted to prove that tocosh has a bactericidal effect against Helicobacter pylori. On the other hand, it should be noted that tocosh does not contain penicillin (antibiotic drug). Moreover, penicillin cannot be digested. However, its fermentation process produces compounds that have similar effects to penicillin that we can take advantage of.

How can I consume Tocosh?

TOCOSH Natural medicine from the Andes - mazamorra listo

The tocosh can be consumed in drinks, broths or stews. But, due to its fermentation process, this food is characterized by a pungent odor and bitter taste. However, there are processes that optimize its flavor as tocosh flour and the most recommended way to consume it is through the preparation of a mazamorra (semi-liquid food of thick consistency). Here is a very easy recipe to enjoy the benefits of a delicious tocosh mazamorra.


  • tocosh powder,
  • cinnamon,
  • cloves,
  • sugar to taste,
  • orange or pineapple peels in pieces.


Bring a pot of water to boil, add the cinnamon, cloves and orange slices or pineapple chunks. When it is boiling, add the tocosh flour and sugar. Stir until the tocosh flour has dissolved. Finally, let it cool and serve in bowls.


In addition to the great properties of tocosh, we can also enjoy the benefits of a great variety of plants and other Andean products. Be sure to try products such as maca, quinoa, kiwicha, among many others.

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