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The combination of the two legendary Peruvian natural ingredients is the best sexual formula for men. The Male Huanarpo is …
🍃 Green Tea Capsules – ANDEAN WORLD 🇵🇪   Daily consumption of green tea with doses of EGCG (component of…
Concentrated complex of seven  roots from our Andes and Peruvian Amazon: Huanarpo Female (Jatropha Macrantha), Red Maca (Lepidium Meyenii), Chuchuwasi…
Devil's Jungle Capsules contain the seven powerful roots from our Andes and Peruvian Amazon. They help to improve our physical…
Atomized  Camu Camu capsules, it is rich in Ascorbic acid or natural vitamin C, Food supplement, antioxidant, boosts natural defenses…
Natural relaxing. Weight: 100 Caps.
The Aguaje is one of the richest and most nutritious fruits of the Amazon. It grows in and near wet…
Cat's Claw Herb atomized (powder extract) 100% pure. Weight: 100 Caps.
Cultivated and extracted in the Amazon Rainforest and the high Andes Mountains of Peru. Weight: 100 Caps.
It is from the Amazon, is consumed in many places of the world because of its effectiveness against hepatitis. Weight:…
A privilege food that comes from Peru. Weight: 100 Caps.
It has a high content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and an exceptional amount of antioxidants. Weight: 100 Caps.

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